Delay, Diversify, Destroy

The new tactics of Empire


I think, not infrequently, about how we never got a public COVID-19 vaccine. US President Joe Biden announced something and public pressure let up, but it just never fucking happened. It was just a delaying tactic, and it worked.

Then I think about how an unelected brown man from the Goldman Sachs caste is running the UK and an African-American is bombing Africa for America, and it all comes full circle. They’re diversifying this dumpster fire rather than putting it out.

Then I think where it all ends. With a rainbow capitalism full of false promises, leading to the heat death of life as we know it. Delay, diversify, destroy. It’s the new divide and conquer and gods damn it, it works.


Elites are now flying their private jets to COP27, which is just a farcical cop-out at this point. More pledges, more promises, more pleading, which all amount to one thing. More delay. Emissions have risen every single year since the first COP. It’s a joke. The primacy of words over action in western civilization means that they talk everyone (literally) to death about climate change while consistently making it worse.

Every pledge, every promise, even all the data and projections, they all just amount to delays. The truth is they had all the data they needed in the 1970s, and the more advanced civilizations they genocided had figured out balance centuries ago. At this point, climate delay is worse than climate denial. At least the latter fuckers can be spotted and opposed. The delayers hide behind liberal platitudes and are slippery as eels. They’ll be talking about 20-year commitments until they die, and take the whole world with them.


The great innovation of capitalism and of the whiteness that is its hierarchy has been devouring its rebellions. Whiteness always worked as a way of homogenizing warring West Asian tribes and turning their violence and brutality against the world. Whiteness has always been an expanding category, slowly admitting Irish, Italians, and now Ukrainians and upper-caste Indians.

Just as the whole system collapses into a heap (next section), colored people, women, and gays are getting the…



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