Colonialism Never Ended. It Just Became Capitalism

First they raped us. Now they’ve come for the whole Earth


Still from Burna Boy’s Another Story

Colonialism WAS capitalism. We were colonized by private companies. Sri Lanka still has VoC coins in the soil. People forget that we were colonized and enslaved for profit, not pride. Kings and queens took tribute, most of the theft and brutality was overseen by Boards of Directors. We were colonized by capital.

Colonialism IS capitalism because it never ended. Modern capital markets began with the Dutch East India Company (VoC) in 1602. That was the first IPO. Colonial companies still operate today. Unilever, which used forced labor in Africa, is literally selling whitening cream back to colonized people today. The UK was paying reparations to descendants of enslavers until 2015. Some white assholes were collecting slavery checks just six years ago.

At its peak the VoC was worth twice the market cap of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple combined. The bloody age of colonization was the golden age of capitalism. It’s the same thing, and of course it never ended. You think these fuckers just left all that money on the table because they grew a conscience? LOL. Colonizers just started working from home. It became colonialism in the cloud.

Modern capitalism figured out that you don’t need to enslave people, you can just pay them slave wages. You don’t need to set up governments, you can just coup or sanction the ones you don’t like. You don’t need to occupy countries, you can buy off their elites with education, jobs, and points-based migration (the points being how useful you are to white people). It’s colonization as a service, administered through the cloud.

Colonialism is not history. It’s still here. Just look around.

White nations have MORE white troops in the Middle East than during colonization. Poor countries are still providing resources to the rich. People blame third world corruption for all our woes, but follow the money. It all ends up in places like London, not Lagos. The UK runs a literal network of money laundering islands, it’s the money laundering capital of the world.

More obviously, why are rich multinationals able to set up factories everywhere while colored workers can’t…



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