Cats And Human Supremacy

We ain’t it


Pippi the cat

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We have a cat, or should I say, the cat has us. During the rainy season a kitten took shelter under the security guard’s chair and my daughter took it into the house. I spend a lot of time with this creature and it gives zero shits about anything I’m thinking about. Indeed, I am the one cleaning its shit. What’s going on?

Humans claim supremacy over other animals, but no other animal validates this claim. What do you call a king that crowns himself? That’s just an ordinary Burger King customer. How lame. There’s obviously no objective truth to human supremacy, just ask anyone objective, like a crow or thalagoya. They’ll just flick their tongue or shit on you, as such a stupid question deserves. Humans consider the concept of white supremacy offensive, but supremacy over all living beings is somehow normal. It’s not. It’s deranged.

By what criteria are we lords of the critters? Our power to scare and kill? By that token, viruses reign supreme. By our terrible power to literally ‘change’ the climate? What about the plant and bacterial gods that made the climate? They’re more awesome still. Is it because we can make stuff, bend nature to our will? All the stuff we make will disappear in a few million years, a shake of a T-Rex’s tail. So what’s left, to justify our…



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