The Capital Punishment Of Palestine

Same colonialism, different day


The one ton MK-84 bombs Israel gets from America to drop on native Palestinians. Each costs around $16,000. Just follow the money to understand why. (Via)

Most people — even in the highly propagandized West — support at least a ceasefire in occupied Palestine. Even with a mass media constantly explaining why this is fine, most people do not like seeing children destroyed with industrial explosives. But industry does. And that’s who actually rules. That’s the rules-based order. Just follow the money.

One of the core experience of colonization, from the very beginning, is that we were colonized by corporations. The first IPO was for the Dutch East India Company (VoC). The corporations — European greed incarnate — were actually the first AI, as I argue. That was the birth of artificial, algorithmic life that devoured the human and natural world. As it was coded to do, from the very beginning. Corporations, as cybernetic organisms, contain human parts, like so many nuts and bolts. These mouthpieces said it was all about civilization and Christianity, but that was just marketing. It was strictly business. Always was.

Colonization was not a particular depravity of white people, though they are particularly depraved. It was a depravity of white people with property or, more accurately, property with white people. Capitalism possesses people like a brain worm, and makes brain-eating zombies of them all. As Marx said about capitalists, “their own movement within society has for them the form of a movement made by things, and these things, far from being under their control, in fact control them.” Capitalists are assholes, but if you eliminate one, another takes their place. Capitalism a hydra that produces another butthead whenever you lop one off. Note that I use ‘capitalism’ and ‘colonialism’ interchangeably because they are.

The true depravity of whiteness has always been white people with property, or, as we discussed, property with white people. This is the brain and planet devouring AI that actually rules us. What we call the ‘rules-based order’ is its inscrutable algorithm. Of course you can’t see it. It’s a computer program, encoded in obtuse laws, numbers, and power relations. As they said in Westworld, “the maze was not meant for you.” And then they shot the humans. That’s how the business goes. As I said, corporations are European greed incarnate, with limited liability and unlimited…



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