As A Colonized Person, I’m Glad The Queen Is Dead

I’m only sorry she got to go peacefully
5 min readSep 8, 2022

The British Empire were just Nazis that won. Their greatest victory is their their Reich can go on, and expect to be mourned and not scorned. The fact is that Queen Elizabeth inherited a world-spanning white supremacist Empire that Hitler was jealous of. He wanted to be like them, and even more like the Americans. As he said in Mein Kampf:

Many contemporary European States are like pyramids standing on their apexes. The European territory which these States possess is ridiculously small when compared with the enormous over-head weight of their colonies, foreign trade, etc. It may be said that they have the apex in Europe and the base of the pyramid all over the world very different from the United States of America, which has its base on the American Continent and is in contact with the rest of the world only through its apex. Out of that situation arises the incomparable inner strength of the U.S.A. and the contrary situation is responsible for the weakness of most of the European colonial Powers.Britain cannot be suggested as an argument against this assertion, since faced with the British Empire, one is inclined to overlook the existence of the Anglo-Saxon world as such. Britain’s position cannot be compared with that of any other State in…



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