America’s Stupid World War

How America is fighting on multiple fronts


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‘Israel’s’ six-front war is just one theatre in the American multiplex of horror. America is fighting multiple wars, and constantly trying to start new ones. I know they’re only called ‘World Wars’ when white people are fighting each other, but I don’t know what else to call this. America is at war across the whole world and losing on all fronts.

To the north, America has already lost to Russia. To their south, they’re facing their own uncompleted genocide — pesky brown people still walking the earth, not respecting colonial borders. Then, to the East, we have ‘Israel’s’ incomplete genocide of Palestine, which has turned into a regional rebellion against America. Finally, to the west there’s China — which America actually wants to fight — but they can’t even get to that side of the bar without ten other guys punching them.

Meanwhile, within America, they are deeply divided internally (ie, they hate themselves) and the climate is collapsing atop everything (the gods hate them too). America’s World War is not just fighting everyone in the world, but also fighting weather. All losing propositions.



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