America’s Only Election Choices Are Imperialism Or Fascism

Biden’s a Nazi abroad, Trump’s a Nazi at home. Pick your poison


Two Face, from Batman the Animated Series

America’s only choices are imperialism abroad, or fascism at home. They can blow up the world, as Biden is doing, or blow up their own country via Trump. In the end both disasters will happen, just in different proportions. Biden is also destroying America, and Trump is also terrible for the world. There is no ‘lesser’ evil in America. It’s just nearer or further evil. The ‘evil’ in the evil Empire is constant no matter what.

The Further Führer

Joe Biden is the further führer, unleashing his worst predations abroad. Right now, he is presiding over the industrial genocide of the Palestinian people, while also getting his proxy ass-kicked in Ukraine and destroying Germany, like some other führers we know. If he gets re-elected who knows how many more wars he’ll start. He’s going to die in a few years and he seems determined to take as many people with him as possible.

Biden has unleashed an absolute necrophiliac orgy of corruption in Ukraine and has already moved onto the more comfortable terrain of Palestine, dropping expensive bombs on poor people without air defenses. Being the world’s biggest arms dealer is the only Presidential job he takes seriously, everything else is too difficult. Biden is the last, dying imperialist of a dying imperial order and while he can’t win anything, he can certainly kill a lot of people on the way out.

The Nearer Nazi

In the other corner, we have Donald Trump, the nearer Nazi. Drumpf saves his vitriol and violence for borders he knows, like Mexico. Trump campaigned by dehumanizing migrants, ruled by throwing them into concentration camps, and promises to do worse if re-elected. While he periodically bombed the Middle East as President (you have to), he was fundamentally more interested in beating up protesters in Middle America.

Whereas Biden uses Ukraine for corruption, Trump just opened a hotel across from the White House and collected bribes there. As I said, he’s the nearer Nazi. Trump viewed the Presidency as shit-poster in chief and was dethroned when COVID-19 couldn’t be catch-phrased into submission. Trump…



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