America’s Clown Car Politics

Send in the clowns… they’re already here
7 min readJun 6, 2024
Stańczyk, the court jester of the Polish Renaissance, by Jan Matejko in 1862

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As the clown car of American politics careens through ever shrinking fiery hoops, it begs the question, why don’t they just stop? Why don’t they remove the clown makeup, get a better car from China, and put the guns down? The rest of the world would still sell them stuff for the rest of the century, even without all the murdering and extortion. This is unfortunately impossible.

The American clown car, by design, has no brakes at all. American politics just has two accelerators, one red and one blue. Voting consists of mashing furiously on one of the two pedals, hoping that something other than smoke and silk scarves will come out, and it never does. That’s the whole joke! America was founded as a tax-evasion scheme for unreconstructed slavers and it’s working exactly as intended. All of the ‘declarations’ and ‘rights’ were just so much clown make-up.

Since the 13 colonies, America has been a big Ponzi scheme, destroying the present and selling futures on it. When they ran out of 13 colonies they took 65 more ‘states and territories’. When they couldn’t work the natives hard enough, they brought in people from Africa. When all that land and all that labor wasn’t enough, they declared Manifest Destiny over South…



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