America’s A Shithole Now. Here’s Some Advice

From one shithole to another


“Nothing says re-elect the incumbent president like a photo op in front of rubble” Tim Hogan

The United States of America is a shithole now. Trust me, I’m from one and that’s what you are. What else do you call a country that’s poor, disease-ridden, and has a worthless passport? A shithole.

Who’s the shithole now?

I’m using the term shithole because it means something. In 2018, Trump referred to Temporary Protected Status (TPS) nations as shitholes. He asked “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” He was referring to places like Haiti or El Salvador that were experiencing violence or natural disasters. Well, who’s experiencing violence and natural disasters now?

America today is a running pandemic disaster, entirely self-inflicted. While ‘third world’ nations like Sri Lanka and Mongolia have proved themselves rich in health, America has been revealed as poor and corrupt. America is a complete dumpster fire, entirely manmade.

At the same time, America is facing unending waves of police and paramilitary violence — beating, killing, and gassing protestors, unmarked vans abducting people off the street. This isn’t even happening in the third world anymore, we’re just looking at America like ‘woah, slow down’. Of course this is not new to America, America has been droning and torturing the world for years, abducting children at its borders, and professionally oppressing Muslims, migrants, and minorities for decades. But now it’s happening to everyone. Now you can see what your nation really is.

What really makes the shit sandwich is corruption. Today, America is deeply and obviously corrupt. The US Presidency is surrounded by rank nepotism and grift that would make the most arrogant dictator blush. Trump puts his idiot progeny in front of the rubber-stamp Republican Convention, whose only policy is to support Trump. Even the most brazen dictator crafts more of a fig leaf than this, and hides their most idiot children. Trump launders government money through hotels called TRUMP. Even the most obviously corrupt leader is not so obvious.

The US is so corrupt right now that their postal service doesn’t work, nor public health, nor any federal institution really. This isn’t your usual corruption, this is…



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