American Evil Is A Bipartisan Affair

War and corruption have bipartisan support


Can you tell when the Republicans or Democrats are in charge? (Brown Costs Of War)

America is the only empire built on losing wars. It’s the only empire based on looting their own treasury. On a bipartisan basis, this is done.

This Sam Wallman comic is sadly evergreen. Written for Hillary Clinton, you can now swap in ‘black person’, or ‘they/them’ and the black humor still works

Americans will literally bomb our countries and then make movies about how stressful it was… for them. Americans really don’t get it. You’re the baddies.


The rich pay billions in bribes and get trillions in return.


Bonus graph: corporate tax rates, via Voida Capital

The parties may differ in their treatment of neo-Nazis, but they’re unified on neoliberalism.


The modern bipartisan project is to bail out the rich and let the poor drown. And this continues unabated. The rich have gotten richer during the pandemic, while the poor have completely fallen down.

The Empire Of Grift

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