America Is Falling Into The White Supremacist Hellhole It Barely Crawled Out Of

They’re regressing to the cruel mean
6 min readDec 11, 2021


Birth Of A Nation was the first film screened in the White House

America is not a centuries old democracy. It’s a centuries old white supremacist hellhole that briefly moved towards democracy in the 1960s. Now it’s just regressing to the mean.

Not A Centuries Old Democracy

I grew up in America, pledging allegiance to the flag, and I understand how this is confusing to Americans, but America was not and really is not a democracy. I’ll let Alexander Keyssar explain:

The Right to Vote: the Contested History of Democracy in the United States:

America was founded by a bunch of rich, white assholes who didn’t want to pay taxes and so it largely remains. At founding only white men with land could vote, a fraction of the population. Many of them actually owned, raped, tortured, and killed other human beings. They sold babies, sometimes their own babies. Very fucked up.

America actually got universal suffrage after most modern democracies, including places like Sri Lanka, and it’s still pretty shit. Voting in America is still widely restricted (suppression plus just caging people and taking their civic rights). Even on a good day voting is just plain difficult. Americans sometimes wait in line all day which is baffling to older, more functional democracies.

More to the point, voting doesn’t fundamental change shit, there’s two revolving sides and the rich just bribe both. What America really has is choose-your-own-oligarch. In Aristotle’s On Politics he analyzes a bunch of different city states and nowhere is it assumed that representative democracy a good form of democracy at all. The Greeks actually preferred direct democracy (more like jury duty) and thought electing people was shit.

Americans have taken their perverted form of democracy, branded it as DEMOCRACY™ and loaded it into bombs like some consumer product. But it sucks. It has always sucked. It’s all marketing.

African-Americans really tried to make America a functioning democracy with the Civil Rights movement and the Voting Rights Act but America today…



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