America Is At War And In Denial

Like asking a fish about water


Sabrina Singh, awful person

Pentagon spokesghoul Sabrina Singh was asked, “We’ve bombed them five times now… If this isn’t war, what is war?” She laughed. Not a funny question, but she laughed ghoulishly and said, “Great question… we do not seek war, we are not at war with the Houthis [Ansar Allah],” as if that explained anything. It doesn’t explain anything. But this person, contractually, cannot explain anything. Her job is obfuscation, not clarification. Asking the Pentagon ‘what’s war’ is like asking a fish about water, except the water is blood. It’s just what they’re swimming in. They’re so deep in war they can’t even perceive it in front of them.

The Hypocritical Hegemon of America likes to pretend like it’s not an Empire at all, but at this point, why listen to them? The only reason to attend one of these press conferences is to throw shoes at them. If you want to know what’s happening, just look at what’s happening. America has dozens of bases around the Middle East to wage war. It encircles the place with aircraft carriers and destroyers to wage war. It arms the genocidal state of ‘Israel’ to divide and conquer. Its troops occupy Syria, its ships bomb Yemen, its airships bomb Iraq, it is at constant war across the region. Everyone that isn’t militarily occupied is besieged or under attack. The only thing confusing is what peace is, war is so persistent. America has been at war in the Middle East my entire life.

They’ve been bombing Yemen for so long that Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi said, “We do not see confrontation with the American or the British as anything but life, for life is in confronting these tyrants and arrogant ones in the world.” How many generations have grown up like this, under constant America oppression? Many Hamas (Al Qassam) fighters are the orphans of previous offenses. By proxy or by great power, when your parents are killed, what’s the difference. Living (or more specifically, dying) like this wholly unnatural to the native population, but considered America’s deathright. They got the oil, we get the spoils, it’s beneath mention. Within America, it’s never once questioned what they’re doing in the Middle East at all, which is the most important question.

The answer is the same reason as for any war, the spoils, with stories about stolen wives…



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