All The Promises Biden Has Broken

Basically all of them


The Biden administration in a GIF (via)

The list of Biden’s broken promises is endless. It’s basically all of them. Biden said he’d ‘beat this virus’ and he hasn’t. He said he’d cancel student debt and he didn’t. He said he’d raise the minimum wage and he hasn’t. He said he’d secure voting and abortion rights and he ain’t done shit.

Globally Biden said he’d fight climate change but has approved the most new drilling in history. He said he’d push for global public vaccines and he’s just bullshitted and dragged his feet. He said he’d restore America’s place in the world but he’s just causing more famines.

Biden’s ‘Big Box’ of promises has been opened and it contains nothing but a skateboarding donkey. As they say on Let’s Make A Deal, ZONK!

Budgetary Bullshit

Biden said “Don’t tell me what you value. Show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.” Well, look at his budget (via the inestimable Stephen Semmler):

On the heels of the largest civil rights movement in American history, during a democratic crisis, and through the worst pandemic in modern times, Joe Biden has delivered literally more of the same. More money for the Pentagon death machine, more money for the police brutality machine, and less social services for a nearly dead society. He hasn’t risen to the moment, he’s just hitting Ctrl-Z to go back to the Obama era and it doesn’t work.

What’s the fucking point?

Americans have ended up with a situation where their student loans (debt peonage) were paused under Trump and resumed under Biden. Where they got cash in hand from Donald and got it taken away by Joe. What are Democrats even going to run on in the next election? Committing suicide slower?

Democrats have nothing to run on except not being Trump again and being Diet Trump instead. Trump’s pointless Cold War with China (which Americans pay for through tariffs) has only accelerated under Biden. Children are still being caged at the border and America is still denying human asylum rights. Afghans are still being attacked…



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