A Vaccine Isn’t Going To Save America

There is no vaccine for stupid. There is no cure for cruel



It’s the Walking Dead

Americans think that finding a vaccine is like defeating the final boss in a movie, wherein all the baddies drop dead. It doesn’t work like that. A vaccine needs to be delivered through functioning institutions and taken by a non-insane population, precisely the things they lack.

A country that can’t distribute pieces of plastic to doctors cannot distribute a vaccine. A country that can’t wear a fucking mask will not take a vaccine.

For the same reasons that America is fucked now, they will continue to be fucked even with a vaccine. Their population is simply too arrogant and dumb to hang together, so they will all hang separately. As I have said, America is dead. An American passport will be radioactive for years. Joe Biden won’t save them, and neither will a vaccine.

The science is willing but the body politic is weak. We may well get a vaccine for COVID-19, but there is no vaccine for stupid. I’m afraid that’s terminal.

If you can’t mask, don’t even ask

In one of the many rage strokes that science journalists are having these days, Ed Yong put it this way.

“A country that, 7 months into a pandemic, still cannot ensure that its healthcare workers have enough gowns and gloves and protective equipment is not going to be able to distribute a vaccine in an efficient way. It simply isn’t.” (CNN via)

He gives three predictions

  1. A lot of people will resist getting it because they’ve been told for years to distrust experts.
  2. The people who’ve been most marginalized (black, poor, elderly) will be last in line.
  3. The deployment will be a logistical nightmare.

I will add one point, which is the worst. The vaccine itself will be dodgy. The vaccine itself will be rushed, politicized, and this will damage vaccination in general. You know, vaccinations, The Wall that protects us from pandemics past, which are now stirring like white walkers in their tombs.




Indrajit (Indi) Samarajiva is a Sri Lankan writer. Follow me at www.indi.ca, or just email me at indi@indi.ca.