The cynical whitewashing of western COVID ‘aid’

Western kleptocracies are making a big show of ‘donating’ expiring vaccines while blocking global production. It’s a killing show. Where I live, in Sri Lanka, ambassadors bombard us with photos of pallets coming off planes, but none of them are vaccines. The US has allocated just 7 million leftovers for all of Asia (billions of people, excluding their enemies). They are still ‘negotiating’ lifting patents instead of just doing it. The EU is not even negotiating, they’re telling us to go fuck ourselves.

As Andrew Stroelhein of Human Rights Watch said:

We can’t fight pandemics or climate change under western hegemony. We have to overthrow them.

Gandhi during his salt march, defying imperial taxes to draw salt from the sea

Climate change, vaccine apartheid, racism, and war are different problems with one cause. Empire. The old colonial empires never disappeared, they just went capitalist. They hid behind borders and institutions but they’re still up to the same nefarious shit. The empire struck back, assembled a Death Star of resource extraction and now the whole planet is about to explode. COVID-19 was just a test shot and look how they’ve spread the disease and left everyone to die. If we don’t overthrow them now they’re going to finish the job with climate change.

The fact is that we are not going…

Hating trans people was popular culture just a generation ago

From Ace Ventura. I skimmed it for this article, and just don’t watch this film. It’s a hate crime

Growing up in the 1990s I remember watching Ace Ventura: Pet Detective in the theatres. I sat there with hundreds of people, munching popcorn, watching a hate crime. Millions of people did. It was a popular movie.

In the final scene, Jim Carrey has the villain surrounded by cops and he starts ripping off her clothes. The big punchline, the most terrible crime, is that she’s trans. Her body is so disgusting that all the cis-men (holding guns) vomit. And we all laughed. We all watched that hate crime and laughed at it together. Today I am ashamed.

It’s easy…

3 lessons from two books: Weimar Germany and Berlin In Lights

A George Grosz drawing in the diary of Harry Kessler, 13 October 1930.

Germany faced a Nazi coup in 1923, tried to move on, and ended up completely decapitated by 1933. America has reacted to its coup even less than Weimar Germany and is somehow expecting different results. I say this not as a prediction but a warning. America today is in the calm before Der Stürmer.

It’s important to remember how much time passed between Adolf Hitler’s failed putsch and Germany’s failed democracy. Ten long years, some of them good. American is in those strange twilight years now. The fascists seem gone, the government seem good enough, things seem stable. But things…

The way to Acid Communism

I will criticize capitalism here… then ask you to sign up for my newsletter. You can read Marx all you want… on your Amazon Kindle. In this way, capitalism is like the Hotel California. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. It’s like a room full of doors that all lead back to the same place.

Capitalism — more than any ideology — devours its rebellions. Kings would kill you for criticizing them, but capitalism takes nothing personally. It’s strictly business. Capitalism will take your rebellion, print it on a t-shirt, and sell it…

Are we stupid enough to believe in American ‘intelligence’ again?

“I’m going to do a bump later, but this could be anthrax” — Colin Powell in 2003, sources say.

America is making a big show about looking for a ‘lab leak’ in China like they made a big show about inspecting Iraq for weapons of mass destruction. Are we really going to fall for this shit again? Haven’t we seen this movie before? Didn’t it suck?

There’s no evidence for COVID-19 being created in a lab, but there doesn’t have to be. America doesn’t have to manufacture consent. They just have to manufacture doubt. They don’t need to prove anything, they just need to sow doubt. …

Climate debt makes means the US, Europe, and Australia have negative net worth

Sustainable Development Index. Red is bad and blue is good. If you account for human development against planetary costs, the ‘rich’ western nations are actually the worst.

The US, Europe, Australia, et al call themselves rich but, well, that’s rich. These countries are so broke that they broke the Earth. The west is driving a leased Bentley, wearing layaway Gucci, all of it acquired by fraud. They might look rich, but their balance sheet looks like shit. In comparison, Sri Lanka or Ghana are rich because we’re at least not underwater. I mean, we will be, but not morally.

Once you subtract their climate liabilities, the colonizers have a negative net worth. Hence they’re at the bottom of climate-weighted rankings like the Sustainable Development Index, where they…

Palestinian apartheid and vaccine apartheid are the same map

Palestinian apartheid and vaccine apartheid are the same damn map

We are all Palestinian. The entire global majority* lives under western oppression — their patents, their borders, their bombs — Palestine just gets it the worst. Nowhere is it more clear than with COVID-19. If you look at the map of actual apartheid and vaccine apartheid it’s the same map.

Just look.

Who blocks Palestine statehood? The US, the UK, the EU, Australia, and Japan. Who blocks patent-free vaccines? It’s the same people. The arms dealers and the drug dealers, they’re all backed by the same evil empire. The symptom is COVID-19, but the disease is western hegemony. …

The oldest trick in democracy is deciding that certain people aren’t people at all

Bullies, by Todd James

Imagine a playground. Some bullies walk in, beat-up the other kids and take over. They kick out the kids that were there, stealing their stuff. Any new kids get trapped under the jungle gym, forced to do their bidding, to join the cool kids. Anyone that resists gets a bloody nose for not ‘playing by the rules’.

Now wake up. This is where you live. This is what we call modern democracy.


I’ll start with the worst democracy in the world, because it’s the most obvious. Here’s Hagai El-Ad describing Israel:

The evolutionary origins of not sharing

From Monkey Kingdom, by Disney. Filmed in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

To really understand human inequality, watch Monkey Kingdom. In that Disney documentary, some monkeys sit on top of the tree, eating the best fruit. The rest get trickle-down fruitanomics. I judged them for being dicks, but then it hit me. Human beings are so much worse. If human wealth inequality was a tree, the top would be in outer space (precisely where billionaires are trying to go).

In truth, human governance is not significantly different from a troop of toque macaques, a species we last shared a common ancestor with maybe 30 million years ago. We’re both male-dominated, violent societes…

Indi Samarajiva is a writer living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sign up for my newsletter at, and you can reach me at

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