When food culture became consumer culture, it all went to shit

You are what you eat, and today we don’t know what to eat. Because we don’t know who we are. The global food environment has become so uprooted, refridgerated, and transported that cultures haven’t had time to adapt, leaving individuals adrift.

Hopelessly, we count calories, turning every meal into a…

Every American budget is a murder-suicide pact

America’s war machine is not new, therefore it’s not news. It is nonetheless the greatest single threat to life on this planet. It’s not just that America is the single greatest killing force in the world, though it is. …

You can go home, but never go back

My mother grew up in a village, in a walauwa on a hill. They didn’t have electricity for years, didn’t have a phone line, and still cook over a wood fire. When Amma came back from boarding school she was given Ayurvedic medicine that made her copiously shit herself. Now…

There’s always children

I’ve been told to write about something happy. I’m actually quite happy, in my daily life. My daughter wakes up happy. My son wakes up a bit fascist, but he’s cute. If they’re happy, I’m happy, and they luckily are. They’re safe to play and eat and have fun. …

When will Greta go guerrilla?

Climate talks are lies. Protests are ignored. At some point people are going to get fed up. At some point people are going to get violent. People are going to blow up pipelines, assassinate corrupt leaders, and bring out the guillotines. And it won’t be undeserved.

The challenge of climate…

The freedom to move

You can go anywhere you want. The world is yours. You never have to go to jail. No animal should be caged. We are denied our freedom by violence, but it is nonetheless there. You can feel it now. Freedom is in the air.

Just put your hand out and…

and nothing will be fine

The fridge packs up and can’t be fixed,
cause parts are impossible to find,
The garage-door breaks and nobody comes,
cause workers are busy all the time.

Everything is breaking down
and nothing will be fine.
This is capitalism in decline.

The monsoon’s messed up and the rain won’t stop,

The delightful lack of white people in Apple’s TV show

My wife is reading Foundation by Isaac Asimov. She’s gotten 100 pages in without meeting a woman. Asimov was a notorious ass-grabber who said “You get slapped a lot, but you get laid a lot too.” Apple has obviously fundamentally rewritten this story with data and shit. And the obvious…

Indi Samarajiva is a writer living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sign up for my newsletter at, and you can reach me at

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