Chinese people don’t even see this shit. It’s all meant for you

China mounted the best COVID response in the world and gets nothing but shit for it in the western press. Meanwhile White Empire has mounted the worst and gets nothing but excuses.

Yeah, there’s definitely a cover-up somewhere. …

If there is no-self, how do you help it?

Buddhism is full of contradictions. The Buddhist monk leaves in order to be present. They close their eyes to wake up. They sit alone to be with everyone. None of this makes sense in words, but who said the universe had to fit into ape vocalizations? Maybe life just doesn’t…

The view from other languages

The pronoun debate is interesting because learning one other pronoun is nothing for most people. In the Tamil language there’s different pronouns for you, you (respectful), men, women, gender-neutral (respectful), and animals.

Then there’s dozens of terms of address. On any given day I can be called 20 different names…

Fuck around with fuel prices and find out

If you cut off fossil fuels, people will not be quiet. They’ll fucking riot. Look at Kazakhsatan now. Look to Myanmar or France in the past. In Sri Lanka our cooking gas cylinders have been exploding, forcing people onto renewables (firewood). …

What the original Enlightenment can teach us about today

What if the self was a sliding scale? What if YOU solved some problems, the FAMILY solved others, and the COMMUNITY and NATION did their part? Different ‘selves’ for different solutions. Today (white) people treat everything as a personal problem and this obviously doesn’t work.

Take these three examples:

  1. The…

How GDP can go up while people are dying

Cabinet Secretary Marcia L. Fudge is fudging it. She said “The United States is the only major economy in the world where the economy as a whole is stronger now than before the pandemic.” This is both a bald-faced and beard-faced lie.

Bald in that China has actually grown faster…

History, inequality, and yelling

These roaring ‘20s are a roaring dumpster fire. The rich get richer while the poor get sick and die. The market goes up while life expectance dives. Computers mint money while we all get cooked alive.


The last roaring ’20s ended in a motherfucking pyre. The stock market crashed…

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