America is attacking perfectly good Chinese and Russian vaccines, and it’s getting people killed

The US government proudly describing how they got Brazil to reject vaccines.


Caging humans is a cruel experiment, practiced without results or consent

Image from a dramatization of the Stanford Prison Experiments, which were deeply flawed

We need to completely rethink transportation, not just electrify it

Electric cars are completely inadequate for surviving our climate catastrophe. We need to evolve a completely different form of life

As explained thru Hindu comic books


And why I stopped consuming it

Nick Veasey | Newspaper Man

Conspiracy theories are actually plans. They tell you what your enemies consider a proportional response

Via Pink Floyd’s The Wall

How rich/western countries let a pandemic go endemic

How It Could Have Been

Conspiracy theories, stupid mobs, demagogues, where do you think this all leads?

  1. Conspiracy theories
  2. ‘Stupid’ people, well-organized
  3. Wishful thinking
  4. Loneliness

Happy politics starts with a happy home

From a larger image of Kongzi handing the baby Buddha to Laozi for some reason

Terribly, terribly, terribly, terribly; life is but a dream

Hannah Arendt was a political theorist (philosopher really) who wrote The Origins of Totalitarianism, and barely escaped herself

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