They’re just agreeing to talk, not actually doing anything

America’s idea of a TRIPS waiver. If you’re unfamiliar, just watch what happens to Charlie Brown

Keep your friends close and your family closer

How a company lost 33% of its staff and the respect of people like me

A convicted monopolist is a vaccine monopolist. Who could have predicted this 🤔

I find myself teaching my children lessons adults don’t follow

  1. Share
  2. Two wrongs don’t make a right
  3. Do unto others (as you would have done unto you)

1. Share

Companies have corrupted governments, blocked generics, and are even trying to take over military bases. It’s madness

1. The Corruption

Lessons from locking a kid in a room (not on purpose)

America is actively shutting down global vaccine production

Mass cremations in India, as the world’s main vaccine producer collapses

1. The Global Embargo

A perspective on the great dying, from diving.

This has been the worst week for COVID. You just wouldn’t know it cause it killed colored people

Via Bloomberg

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