The science (and art) of connecting brains

I studied Cognitive Science and people ask if I use my education. Yeah, every day. It really helps me write.

Writing is the ignition of cognition. It’s having a thought in your brain and getting it to spark in someone else’s. Obviously a lot is lost in transmission, so understanding…

Sometimes the simplest way to move forward is to keep crashing

When I was in middle school our woodshop teacher was unwittingly drafted into being our computer teacher as well. So he took us into this room with green monochrome computers to learn, among other things, touch typing. The way we learned this useful skill was a game. We played it…

How white countries dominate the world

I call the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia et al one White Empire because that’s exactly what they are. I also say that most countries in the world effectively live in the periphery. Only a few countries are actually outside, most of them under constant siege.

This is how.

What Is Empire? (Baby Don’t Hurt Me)


You cannot personally fight a pandemic

It’s called test/trace/isolate, not test your own face and abdicate. Personal testing is simply not enough.

I know this because we recently went to an event where everyone was tested at the door, and around 5% of people went home positive. Safe right? No.

Today I got a call from…

That’s me in the corner, losing my religion

Capitalism is a dead faith. It was all a deal with the devil, and now it’s collection time. Just check the thermostat.

The state of the Capitalist faith is that:

  1. It is a faith
  2. It seemed to work
  3. It doesn’t work anymore

We’ll go over each point in turn.


On global vaccination, war, and the American epidemic, Joe Biden has been a deadly disaster

Right now Joe Biden is starving almost everyone in Afghanistan through cruel, pointless, and spiteful sanctions. Right now Biden has killed more Americans with COVID than Trump. Right now Joe Biden is still blocking global patent-free vaccines.

Beneath his ‘aw shucks’ grin, Joe Biden is a cold-blooded killer. He’s killing…

Chinese people don’t even see this shit. It’s all meant for you

China mounted the best COVID response in the world and gets nothing but shit for it in the western press. Meanwhile White Empire has mounted the worst and gets nothing but excuses.

Yeah, there’s definitely a cover-up somewhere. There’s 2 million bodies in Empire’s living room, hidden under a pile…

If there is no-self, how do you help it?

Buddhism is full of contradictions. The Buddhist monk leaves in order to be present. They close their eyes to wake up. They sit alone to be with everyone. None of this makes sense in words, but who said the universe had to fit into ape vocalizations? Maybe life just doesn’t…

The view from other languages

The pronoun debate is interesting because learning one other pronoun is nothing for most people. In the Tamil language there’s different pronouns for you, you (respectful), men, women, gender-neutral (respectful), and animals.

Then there’s dozens of terms of address. On any given day I can be called 20 different names…

Indi Samarajiva is a writer living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sign up for my newsletter at, and you can reach me at

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